Monday, June 21, 2010

potty training.

I think my son has completely given up on wanting to go to the potty. He was doing soo good for a while. He would tell me every time he needed to go and we would run and do it. Now he doesn't even tell me. There are some days that he doesn't have one successful trip to the potty and others where he goes all day. The only way to get him to go is to sneak attack him and just bring him to it. If he fights it I threaten time out. He can pick which one he wants to go to. Often he will pick time out and sit for a minute and then tell me he wants to go potty.

Did your child give up 100% interest after they had been doing so good?

I have given him candy, stickers and lots of praise to help encourage him. Nothing seems to really motivate him.

Please send me your potty training tips. I know mothers are the best to turn to in moments like this. My goal was to have a pretty well trained child before the baby comes. Now I am not sure if he will be. I am a bit upset that he hasn't gone back to telling me. I really don't want to quit and start over another time, but should I?

Thanks in advance!!


Audrey and Geoffery said...

In my very limited experience, it doesn't matter how long they've been pottytrained or how well they've done in the past, they can revert back at any second. Grant has been pottytrained since January and we still have an accident or two every week. If I don't keep giving him M&M's EVERY time he goes- he will have an accident. I've threaten to take him out of preschool, etc. but he just doesn't care. I guess their just boys and they don't care about being wet. I figure he'll eventually grow out of it... I pray:)

Hannah said...

If it feels like its just become a power struggle and creates tension, then it may not be worth it--that said, we persevered with Erica even though it was difficult and she got there eventually (but it was hard for a few months). She still needs to be coaxed on the potty now and has an accident on occasion. The fact of the matter is, most kids take a long time to get it perfectly! But, they all get there eventually :). I think it all went better when I was able to adjust my attitude and not get so worked up over having to clean up accidents--it may not be fun, but I think it's just part of the process that takes some getting used to. Good luck!

Alex said...

We had the same problem. We started training at 18 months and did good for about a month. And then all of a sudden he just stopped.

About a month ago during dinner he jumped up went to the bathroom brought his potty out and said he needed to go. I sat him on and he went and we have been successful ever since. We tried the candy thing, stickers the whole bit. But what he really loves his the big big deal we make when he goes and we always say 'I'm so proud of you!' and now when he goes after he's done he says the same thing. I think that its just something that they are going to have to come by naturally. It just seemed one day t 'CLICKED' in his head.

Saint Spencer said...

Diapers fo LIFE!!

Amy Tarleton said...

I'm not a mom, but I have potty trained lots of kids at school. We used what we called "The Happy Potty" Basically, it was just a posterboard with a potty drawn that had a smiley face and such. As crazy as it sounds, when the kids would pee in the potty, they got a yellow pee pee ticket to put in the happy potty and if they pooped, they got a brown poopie ticket to put in the happy potty. During circle time, only the kids with tickets in the potty could choose an activity. You'd have to adapt that for it to work with just one kid I guess.

Also, I think you may have to up the ante if candy, stickers, etc aren't working. For example, take away his favorite toy or something and only let him play with it if he uses the potty. And the minute he has an accident, take it away again (and put it where he can see it, but not reach it so he remembers that he can't play with it) Could work...

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