Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Baby Can Read: Month Five

First, I want to take a moment to clarify a little about this program. It was recently brought to my attention that some people don't fully understand this program. Your Baby Can Read is for your "BABY!" This program is an "early language development system" and is meant to teach young children how to first understand language, memorize word shapes, and then begin to understand letters and phonics. Dr. Titzer explains that "once your child is recognizing many words from the DVDs, then you should do other word activities to help your child learn to read phonetically." In the Parent's Guide he lists several activities and games to continue the learning to read process. The Your Baby Can Read program is just the beginning when it comes to your child's literacy. It is a wonderful foundation and helps young children understand the concept that letters make up words which have meaning.

Okay... Now that I've clarified... On to Month 5!

Month 5 is continuing Volume 2 (see Month Four Review.) There are a 50 new words plus dozens of other words in the poems and songs that are introduced, so there is still plenty to learn during 2 months.

I am going to leave you with a couple of stories that show how well my children are responding to the program.

Little Miss (2 years old with special needs) has an unbelievable vocabulary due to the program. She sings songs and is putting sentences together. She is continuing to read new words weekly and can read over 15 words now. The other day we were at the Ped's office. While waiting for the Nurse to come in, Amelia was reading her book. The Nurse walked in and stood in awe as she realized that my little girl was reading! She went to get the other nurses to tell them and show them. Everyone was amazed at how well she could read!

Chunky Monkey (5 years old with special needs) has really taken off with the program. I can now ask her to spell words verbally (from the program) and she can spell them out loud without any visual cues or help. She is beginning to try and sound out words. She can tell me the first 1 or 2 letters of any word I say. We were waiting in the therapist waiting room and she read several words out of books she had never seen. She was able to read enough words to get an idea of what the story was saying (i.e baby, playing, toy car.)

**Remember that next month is Month Six, which means we will be giving away a complete Deluxe kit!! Make sure you go back and comment on previous Your Baby Can Read posts to add to your entries! I promise you will not be disappointed in this program!!**


Audrey and Geoffery said...

Thats seriously amazing. I always wonder how to teach my 3 year old how to recognize letters and this program sounds like it teaches you and your kids how to do just that. Brillant!

Luv to Save said...

I'm so glad your kids are doing great with the program. We started the starter kit a few weeks ago and my daughter is already reading some words. It is so cool! It would be great to get the whole set.

I posted a video of my daughter reading some of the words she knows

Karene said...

I have been following your updates on the program and I am very excited for your children's development. I have a son, Beckam who is 2. He was born 3 weeks early only weighing in at 4 lbs. We have had some little bumps but very grateful for nothing too major. He has been in our states EI program (earl intervention) since he was about 12 months of age. The program has helped and we are grateful to all of their hard work! He seems to be lacking in his speech. He understand everything , sign very little but is eager to learn. The therapist say they don't think there is anything major but he is only saying about 20 words which for a 2 year old is not much. I really hope this program helps and am so grateful for your reviews as it gives me, a mom, hope for my precious boy to increase speech!
I can not thank you enough for your kind post and encouragement your have given me. You have lifted my spirits with your sweet girls and I hope to start the program with him soon. My daughter is 5 and knows how to read but of course any learning if good and I already know she will be intrigued by anything her little brother does.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. I feel that this program would be crucial to my daughter's development. I have been looking for a program to help with her speech and language development. With her having Down Syndrome, language is the biggest area that she stuggles with. I'm a fan!
Dawn H.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I really know that I would love to try this program out and use it as a foundation for my little one. After reading more about the program and reading about the results you have had, I feel that this program is wonderful.

Anne said...

I am inspired that your child with special needs has picked up on her words. that gives me hope for my son, diagnosed with autism.

Peter said...

The more I read about your girl's success, the more I am becoming a believer in the program. It sounds like your girls are not only learning, but are also enjoying themselves!

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