Saturday, September 12, 2009

Want to be featured on my blog?

Great! We are going to have a little fun. Want me to help spread the word about your awesome blog? Good I want to!
All you have to do to enter is comment on this post with a Link to your favorite post you have written.
Then the one with the best read will be selected. You will get a chance to be on my blog next Friday.With a post all about you and your blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! This is a great idea :)
Here's a link to my favourite post

dotcomkari said...

One of my favorite posts by me, as it helps educate others about Autism.

Thank you for such a great idea!

Shoptots said...

Wow - I feel a little intimidated by the wonderful blogs posted before this! I have to admit, mine is mostly fluff - but fun for me to keep updating!

I now have more reading material!

Kaylen said...

Mine is mostly fluff too, but I enjoy writing. Here's a funny story from a couple weeks ago:

Alexandria said...

Hmmm.... I have two...

Dealz said...

Hey. Great blog here. I came here and joined followers and would also like to be featured on your blog.
My blog is on Web Traffic. With tips and resources for getting more traffic which is more readers and viewers to your blog or website. It is of great help to anyone who blogs or makes websites from beginners to pros. It has great useful things for everyone. The first post is one of the best explaining search engine optimization for getting people from search engines to come to your page.. I hope you like/find useful and can feature my blog on yours. Thank you and I will be back often. Great stuff!! :)

Andrea McKay said...

Great blog, great idea! Thanks for the opportunity!

"People Are Strange"


"Let It Be"

MommyD said...

I would love to be featured!
Here is a post I wrote regarding frugality. I basically like to post about everything related to homemaking though! :)

Anara said...

Hi, this is Anara (aka MiniMidgMom). My blog is Your Special Needs Resource Directory. I offer information and tips to parents of Special Needs children on every subject relevant to their children's needs and, of course, directories of resources. I also love to research and invite my readers to let me help them when they are seeking information to help them care for their Special Needs child.My favorite post is a directory of companies that hire for work at home. It's my favorite because I know how hard it can be to work and be a parent, and it can be even harder when your child has Special Needs. I hope this post might help some families turn their financial situations around.

Anara said...

oops - I got distracted by a small child with a harmonica and pasted the wrong link. Here's the link to my favorite post:

Linds said...

I'm actually an old friend of your sister Rachel's and that's how I found your awesome blog! My blog is still in it's beginning stages, but if for a good cause!

I would be happy to do a discount code or giveaway if you wanted!

Tina said...

Very cool idea! My blog is pretty new, so any new readers are greatly welcome. My favorite post so far is


Jaime said...

Well my comment is more of a you have a section on your blog where you feature other giveaways going on on other blogs??
I've got a good one coming and was just wondering.

Anara said...


I just posted a giveaway for a product that any kid will love! I have a Special Needs blog, but anybody can enter my giveaways.

able2able... Your Special Needs Resource Directory

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