Friday, February 18, 2011

Featured With Pinks- Kera Barenaba Photography

First, I am excited to be here! Yeah for hard work and dedication! I started taking photography and photos back in high school, when I had a teacher who saw something in me. I wanted to be able to express myself and share with others my love for photography. The idea of being in a moment, and being able to capture and keep that, is a beautiful and magical thing, as funny as that sounds.

I'm a natural light photographer, which means I prefer to shoot in natural daylight, and rarely use artificial light or much touching up (ok I do remove red eyes and the occasional zit) but over-all, each photo has a pure, clean quality.
My website shows that love of life and light and laughter that make up those great moments. My oldest daughter told me that my camera is magical because it can take a picture and make it beautiful and I agree with her! I'm excited to be on this adventure and hope to share that with others as I go. I'm at the place in life that I have a good perspective (finally!) on the little things. I'm a mom to three kids and wife to my wonderful husband. And there are the two dogs, who are my other kids. I also enjoy gardening, dancing, reading, triathlons, and sewing.


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