Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mentor Mom

I was reading a blog called Rookie Moms (check it out!) I came across a post that said you should find you a mentor mom. They said “the most experienced mom is the one who is six to eight months ahead of you in parenthood; any bigger gap than that and they’ve forgotten what you’re going through.”
They go on to say how that mother has all the best advice for what your going through because she was just there. She has done all the research that you are about to do to solve all your problems. She is understanding because she remembers far to well the late nights or teething pains you are going through. I loved this idea and then when I thought about when Little Man was a baby I realized that I had a mentor mom and didn't even know it. I was living far away from my family in a new state and she was the only mother I felt comfortable being around because she never made me feel bad when my son wouldn't stop crying. She gave me great ideas to help me get through the day.(prepare dinner during naps so you don't have to during the dreaded witching hour, and the moby wrap...) Best of all she knew that it was never too early to eat chocolate. So thanks Hannah you were totally my mentor mom for Little Man and I wish we still lived close enough so you could be my mentor mom for Baby Man.


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