Tuesday, November 2, 2010

C-Section Post: LOVED it

I must admit I loved my decision to have another c-section this time around. With Little Man I tried to have him the good ol' fashion way but it just didn't work out for us. This time I walked right into the OR and I swear Dr. Burke from Grey's was standing in front of me. That was pretty comforting to see a familiar face, it kinda lighten the mood. Well for me it did. Ha ha. I got up on the table and before I knew it my Doctor was telling me he saw black hair. I heard his sweet cry and then after they cleaned him off and wrapped him up and brought him to me.

The best part was that he was allowed to go into recovery with me. Little Man didn't get to join me and I didn't get to see him for hours after his birth. This time was so enjoyable because my son was able to stay with me for so long. I never felt like I missed him. I was able to start breastfeeding right away. It was while I was breastfeeding that I realized what I was going to name my son. We had been trying to decide for a while, well 9 months what we should name our baby and even on the way to the hospital we didn't know. It's amazing how you just know when you are holding your baby what you should call them.

I loved not having to labor this time and the bonding I felt with my baby this time.
It all felt pretty perfect for a while.

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Debbie Stanton said...
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Debbie Stanton said...

glad you are happy with your decision and can look back on the birth positively (even if the after wasn't). He looks so beautiful in your arms... (I miss babies!!)

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