Tuesday, October 26, 2010

C-Section Post : Hated it

Hello blogging world!! I have missed you. Well that might be a lie. I have enjoyed my time off with my family without a care in the world but my family. I think I am starting to get into a groove with this parenting of two children. Kudos to all you mothers who have taken this path before me. This post is dedicated to how much I hated being in the hospital!! Here is a picture of me right before walking into the worst stay at a hospital ever.
I thought the stay started off on a good note. Everyone was super friendly towards me and my husband. As I was waiting to go to the OR my husband was doing a great job at keeping my fears at bay with laughter.

Everyone I encountered before the C-Section was just fabulous to me. The hospital stay was awful because of the nurses I had once I got to my room. I know I look very young, but 16? I was told I looked 16 years old and not only was I told that, I was treated like that. I was never treated like a 26 year old married woman who just had her second child. I was talked down to by many of the nurses. They told me I had too many clothes on my baby, I shouldn't be using this blanket and such. They would not give me my pain pills unless I asked for it. My last hospital would bring me my pills whenever they were running out. Every 4 hours. I was in so much pain this time around and couldn't for the life of me understand why until I called the nurse and asked when it would be time to take my pills again and she said I could have had it an hour ago and she would bring it to me. I asked her to please give me my pills every 4-6 hours so I do not get such pain again and she said "no". She would only bring it to me when I told her I was in pain. Once I found out they wouldn't bring me the pills unless I asked for it I set my alarm and called them every 4 -6 hours for each of my pills. Have you ever heard of such? I was so upset. With C-Sections it's best to stay ahead of the pain and this was only 13 hours after I had my child. I didn't think it was too much to ask for on my first day in the hospital.
I think what made my stay the worst was when my husband was leaving to go home and watch my son and my mother was leaving my son to come see me. I was going to be alone for at least an hour. I told my nurse I want the baby to go to the nursery and she told me "no" I told her I didn't feel comfortable being by myself with him because it's very hard to sit up and and get out of bed by myself and she went on to tell me and my husband that babies are to stay with the mothers. We finally convinced her to take my son.
I really liked my doctor, but I am not sure I can stay with him and have another baby at that hospital ever again.
So tell me, do I look 16? And what would you do if you had such a bad experience at your hospital, would you stay with your doctor and hope for a better time next time or find a new doctor and new hospital?


Dee said...

That is so absolutely horrible! I had an pleasant experience for my postpartum care with my first child, but I stuck with the same doc and my experience with #2 was MUCH better!

Jill said...

With number one I had a great experience with the delivery and first night, but the nurses the second day and night were horrible. I'm sticking with the same doc (love them) and hosptial hoping for better nurses. We'll see how it goes in 9 weeks.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Find a new hospital! It's the nurses that matter once the baby is out. I would definitely register your complaints with your doctor too. He/She should know that they could be potentially losing patients due to the poor bedside manner of the nurses at the hospital.

And it shouldn't make one iota of a difference if you look 16, 26, or 12. As a mother to a brand new baby, born via C-section no less, you deserve to be treated like a human being - one who is understandably in pain. That's really ridiculous. I'm sorry your experience was so poor.

My personal viewpoint, as someone who had three C-sections, is that I could have cared less about my doctors. All I needed to know was that they knew how to perform a C-section. I didn't care if I liked them, they were funny, I felt comfortable around them, etc. I wasn't planning on being chummy with them. If fact, when they told me I could "pick" the doctor in the practice to perform the C-section I told them I didn't care, whoever was on call that day was fine by me. Now, I didn't have any complications, so I only saw my doctor at the regular appt. times. If I were a high-risk pregnancy or if I had a lot of issues, I think I would've cared more about my doctor. Just my two cents...

Karene said...

I get told all the time I look about 21! Not a bad age but when I am almost 30 and have tow children as well in can be a little insulting. My mom has this "young" gene so I know I will be grateful one day, I just may be 60 before I actually enjoy that compliment.

As fo the hospital, The only thing I can say is this, How would they have treated your baby??? If you as a new mom, in pain, and needed help with things was not treated the right and proper way, what it had been like if your baby was in need. Would they just push the baby aside, disregard him? Imagine if your baby had complications and how much worse it would have been had you been an emotional wreck.

Your Dr. most likely, if a good Dr, does not want his patients to have a bad experience or problems. You should let your Dr. know of your experience and let him know that you REALLY would like to keep him?her as a Dr. but you are not willing to put yourself or your family in a situation that could be bad. hen the time comes for baby #3, check and see if the Dr. changed hospitals.

Good Luck,


Courtney said...

Whether you're 16 or 36, they have no right to talk down to you. Also, they are supposed to be managing your pain while you are admitted. They are the nurses, not you. ;) Goodness forbid they earn their paycheck.
I've never heard of a hospital forcing a newly c-sectioned mother to take care of her baby alone when she's still working on relearning how to care for herself. Personally, I would issue a complaint, write letters, that sort of thing. How they react and treat the situation would help me determine whether or not to go to them for future care. Definitely let your provider know how you were treated. This is the sort of behavior that can contribute to post-partum depression in mothers, and should be stopped.

I hope you enjoy your newly expanded family! :) I'm sure you'll do great adjusting.

Debbie Stanton said...

It broke my heart to hear that the most joyous day of the birth of your child was clouded by such insensitivity. I beg you to follow up with the head Nurse so no other mothers have to go through what you did... your age is irrelevant and should make no diffference to how you were treated. And you are right that you should stay ahead of the pain for the first day or two. Always trust YOUR instincts.

The Nana said...

Please let everyone know what a bad time you had! Write the hospital and let your doctor know. Eve had a hard time with the hospital with her first baby so she did not go to that hospital again. I had a similar experience as you with my last one and in those days I just thought it was how all were treated but now I have seen some really good hospitals who really care about how the patients feel and especially about their pain. I am going to call you and find out what hospital it is and start telling people not to go there. I have family up that way you know.

Rachel said...

yes you look 16.. maybe 14...

Audrey and Geoffery said...

Aren't sisters soo comforting!! Thanks Rach! No just kidding, I don't think you look 16, but I'm furious how you were treated! That makes me sooo mad. My nurses always kept up with the pain pills and once I told her I didn't want to take them and then I got a lecture on how they try to stay ON TOP OF the pain before it gets out of hand. And that was just a regular birth, NOT A C-SECTION!!!! Oh I'm really mad now. Seriously something should be said. Only thing, between having two kids who has time to write a letter to the hospital. I'm soo sorry you had this experience. NOT fun!

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