Tuesday, August 3, 2010

books books books.

Here are a few of Little Man's favorite books these days. You should check them out if you don't already own them. I never thought he would like Jamberry as much as he does. It's sweet and brings you back to your own childhood while reading to your child. Go, Dog Go! Well what little boy doesn't love a book all about dogs? The last book, Would you rather be a Bullfrog was written by Dr. Seuss but because he didn't do the pictures himself he published it under another name. Kinda neat history!


Liza said...

Oh Jamberry!

That was my little man's favorite book when he was little too! Oh, we loved that book in our house! Makes me a bit sad thinking how fast that time has gone when I only had one baby and I had my perfect little boy who was just sweeter than sweet!

Now, 9+ years later, ugh...I still have my little man, but he is 9 1/2now and we added 3 girls to the mix, ages almost 8, 6, and 2. Life is SOOO much crazier with girls around, I swear the horomones start almost immediately.

Enjoy your little boyfriend while you can, it gets crazy. Thanks for letting me reminisce a bit :-)

BTW, found you via Mama's Little Nestwork.

-Liza The Outspoken Mom.

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