Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Baby Can Read: Month Four *Updated with Video*

Sorry, I am a few days late on my Review, our weekend was super busy and I was having some technical difficulties with Blogger.

On to Month Four: ...

What we used: Used all materials from Month Two and Month Three (Starter DVD, Starter Sliding Word Cards, Starter Book, Volume 1 DVD, Volume 1 Book, Volume 1 Sliding Word Cards, Double Sided Word Cards), blank cards, and Volume 2 DVD, Volume 2 Book, and Volume 2 Sliding Cards.

What we did: We Started Watching the Volume 2 DVD. The instructions say to watch it twice a day, but we had a hard time between school and therapy. We watched it as much as we could and continued to review the Starter DVD and Volume 1 DVD several times a week. We read the Starter Book, Volume 1 Book and Volume 2 Book daily. We played word games using words from all 3 of the DVDs that we have seen.

Results: My Chunky Monkey (5 years old) is reading more and more words everyday. It is getting hard to keep count. Some of the words she knows are only on the DVDs or from songs on the DVDs and not in the books, so it is hard to keep track of all of them. She is reading simple sentences such as "The baby is smiling." and "The cat is eating." She is excited about reading and likes to repeat the words after I read them in the books that she is not able to read yet. She loves the "Baby" products!! Her sentences and descriptive words are continuing to increase.

"Baby" is still Little Miss's favorite thing to do. I haven't sat down to count how many words she is reading now, but it is steadily increasing. She sings all of the songs from the videos and can name most of her body parts. Here is some video of her reading. Keep in mind that she has Down Syndrome and is only 2 1/2, so her speech is not very clear. I hope you can still hear the words that she is reading. Make sure your sound is up.
My Thoughts: The Third DVD introduces over 50 new key words plus dozens of other words in poems and songs. The Parents' Guide instructs you to spend two months on the Volume 2 materials, however some children will learn them in one month and should go on to the next DVDs. My girls are not ready to move forward, yet. They are definitely learning new words each time they view the DVDs and the other materials. Like I've said before, the program recommends that you cut out all other TV, but unfortunately that is not an option with my girls. My oldest has some major OCD behaviors and there are certain shows that are part of her "routine" and we can't really cut them out without major consequences. I am sure that they would be reading even better if we were able to follow this step. As it is, they are still having great success with the program. You probably noticed how torn up our books have gotten. I don't consider my girls to be rough with books, but when they are read over and over they do get pretty beaten up. I hope they last through the end of the program. I am not sure how this could be improved upon without making them board books, which wouldn't be able to work the same (my kids love that they lift to see the picture.) For now, I am keeping them seperate and trying to really monitor their use. I do wish the kit came with a total list of words from the DVDs. Not all of the words are in the books and I would love to be able to list all of the words that the girls are reading. Other than that, I am still very impressed and I hope you guys are, too.

** Remember at the end of my 6 month review you will have the opportunity to win the Deluxe Version and previous comments (starting with the Month One post) will add to your entries.


Luv to Save said...

I decided to get the starter kit for now. It actually just came yesterday. My kids been watching it all day. I'm really excited and hoping they will have great success like your kids.

After playing it a few times my 2 years old knows the word elephant! I think it's because it's the longest word in the dvd.

Thank you for the review and for the opportunity to win one.

Mama Hen said...

I am so glad you are telling your readers about this. I have been wondering about it for a while. My mom has been wanting to get it for Little Chick. Thank you for stopping by Mama's Little Chick! Hope to see you around the Hen House!

Mama Hen

Karene said...

Still in complete AWE of your children, family, and of course YOU! Thank you for sticking with the program and updates and making it seem possible. Sometimes TV just isn't reality, ya know. My 5 year old daughter goes to Kindergarden soon and I am thrilled so I can start to have more one on one time with my delayed son to work to achieve some of the goals you set with your kids. So proud of you and thank you to all of the people who made this DVD possible for mothers with special needs children. Watch out You Baby Can Read, Very hopeful mother coming your way!


Anonymous said...

I watched the video, and I'm amazed at how much they have picked up in just a few months. With my daughter having Down Syndrome, I truly understand the issues with speech and language delays.
Dawn H.

Danetta said...

From all your posts so far, it looks like your girls are doing fabulous! It really makes you feel good when your children learn something new (at any age).

Anne said...

This program certianly seems like it would be successful I love that it builds more words.

Peter said...

My wee man loves lift the flap books, so I bet he would love this program. He also loves his Baby Einstein videos (every once in a while), so I'm sure he would love these videos too. I hope I win!!!!

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