Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: Joovy Ergo Caboose Double Stroller

UPDATE: After having this stroller for almost 2 years you should know I hate it. The back wheels never stay inflated no matter how many times you have pumped them. I have wasted money on new wheels just to have the same problem. The pump they give you doesn't work with the wheels and you have to call them and tell them before they bother to tell you they know that already and send you a different pump. Once you have the new pump you still have to spend money because the pump is one that has air cartridges you have to buy in order to use. This has been one big money pit and I would hate for you to waste your time and money on this product.

When the thought of a second child began running through my head, I was concerned about what kind of stroller would best fit my growing family's needs. As I started to do my research I noticed so many different styles. I wanted something that would be easy to push, secure both of my children, look stylish, and be comfortable for my children. Now that I am due with my second child at the end of September I have finally found the stroller. I believe it meets all the requirements for a toddler and an infant and it will grow with the infant. The stroller is made by Joovy and is called the Ergo Caboose.

Great For Growing Families
The Ergo is in tandem form yet it is a sit and stand. It will be perfect when my new little bundle arrives, because it has an easy to use infant car seat attachment. The infant attachment is above the back seat closest to the parent pushing the stroller.

To see which infant car seats will work with the Ergo Caboose click here.

The Cozy Seats

The front seat is made of breathable mesh and has a 5 point safety belt to protect your child. LM is very fond of the detachable snack tray and the two detachable cup holders.
They are both very easy to switch out within seconds to adjust to your needs.

What stroller would be complete if the seat didn't recline? The Ergo will recline into a more laid back position if your child falls asleep. The canopy in the front covers the entire body of my son including his legs. His last stroller could barely cover his face.

The back seat

While being used as a seat, it has a three point harness for your child and a slight raised back for the child's lower back. They can easily rest their feet on the standing portion of the stroller and they have the ability to hold on to the handles for added comfort while riding. This stroller has a canopy for the back of the sit and stand that I have never seen on any other stroller. Most sit and stands do not even offer a canopy for the back. Not only does the Ergo have the canopy but it will also cover your child like the front seat. It also has nice see through mesh on the sides so they can still look around and be entertained while riding.

Style and Storage never looked so good.
The Ergo completely screams fashion. With the sleek metal frames and high quality fabrics. You will find a huge basket for your storage needs under the sit and stand portion of the stroller. The basket also has side pockets on the outside so you can put a few items you made need to gather quickly like a paci, wipes and a diaper.
I love this stroller. To purchase go to Joovy and buy it for $349.
This is the Joovy stroller that best suits my family. Your family may enjoy another stroller that Joovy offers. Click here to see all that they offer and don't stop with their strollers they have a new and adorable highchair out!

*Thank you to Joovy for providing a sample product free of charge for this review. All opinions expressed are those of the contributors of and not influenced by any other outside source. We write about our experience with the product which may be different from your own.


Letherton said...

Love your blog

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Rachel said...

love the stroller and the cute princess in it..

Anara said...

I like the high back and 5 point harness on the Nook highchairs - the colors are great, too!

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Taryn L. McCracken said...

Great Blog!

I love my Joovy....although I need the Big Caboose right now with 1 yr old b/g twins and a 4 y/o boy. Maybe one day in the near future, I'll be able to downgrade to this one. :)

I'm on blogger too!

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