Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I so need some help.

this potty training thing is about to kill me.
enough said.


Luv to Save said...

I cannot help you. I have the same problem with my 20 month old daughter. She would not tell me she has to go. I tried just the panty but too many accidents. I had enough of it. She's back to pull ups. Couple of weeks she had UTI and I guess because it burns she tells me every time she has to go. She was actually making pee pee on the potty for 4 days but after the UTI passed she's back to not telling me. When I told her she has to tell she says "it don't hurt anymore mommy! I feel better now!" LOL

Debbie Stanton said...

i'm not sure how old LM is, but I've always understood that they are mentally/emotionally ready at 2 1/2 and physically when they stay dry all night.. when I trained my now 3 years, 4 months son, he was just a week or so shy of 2 1/2. here's my tips:
1. We stayed home for several days and he ran around in underwear (or naked if need be so they can see the peepee comes out and understand better)
2. I didn't use pullups as to me they are like diapers and my son needed to understand that pee runs down your legs when you go and makes a mess and doesn't feel so good.
3. We didn't use any form of correction or beratement and we went easy on the praise as he has all the control/power and needed to decide to go in the potty for himself and not to please us (and the reverse would be displease when he wanted to assert his control).. so we acknowledged he went in the potty and no mess and goody-bye stinky poo poo, etc... if he went in his pants, it was matter-of-fact and no emotion like putting on his shoes. I did have my 2 1/2 year old clean up peepee on floor and put wet undies in a bowl in bathroom so I could keep up on washing them instead of putting with dirty clothes basket. I kept a stack of towels (actually old burp cloths and tea towels) ono the floor in the bathroom next to the bowl.

Well, those are my tips. He was potty trained in 4 days and has had about seven or eight peepee accidents in the past 10 months and zero poop accidents. (whoohoo!) He has never wet the bed. I think I am a little lucky with him. But he is the master of the peepee dance to this day, but he makes it just in time.

I know that often it is two steps forward and 1 step backwards - so hang in there.

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