Friday, April 16, 2010

Your Baby Can Read: Month Three

Moving Along to Month Three: ...

What we used: Used all materials from Month Two (Starter DVD, Starter Sliding Word Cards, Starter Book, Volume 1 DVD, Volume 1 Book, Volume 1 Sliding Word Cards, Double Sided Word Cards), blank cards, and Volume 2 DVD.

What we did: We continued to review the Starter Volume DVD and Volume 1 DVD. We played with the word cards daily and Read the Starter Volume Book and the Volume 2 Book daily. We watched the word games on the Volume 1 DVD. We played word games with the cards by finding matching words and finding a specific word among several other words. I wrote familiar words on the blank cards that are not part of the Starter Volume or Volume 1 (i.e. family members names, site words like is and the) and we read over them several times. We read a lot of books making sure to point out each word. Even though the program says not to go to Volume 2 until next month, my girls found the "red baby" (volume 2) and begged to watch it, so I went ahead and let them watch it a few times.

Results: My Chunky Monkey can now read 40+ words and is beginning to read complete sentences. She can read simple sentences such as "The baby is smiling." and "The cat is eating." Although she has always loved books, she now wants to read the words and wants to repeat every word I read in the book. She is very excited about reading and LOVES her "baby" DVD's, books and word cards. Her speech is delayed and this program has definitely benefited her. Her sentences and descriptive words have greatly increase.
Little Miss LOVES the program, too!! She wakes up asking to watch "baby." She can read 8-10 words. She has learned a lot of vocabulary and can sing all of the songs from the videos. It is definitely improving her speech, as well.

My Thoughts: I am still extremely impressed with the program! My children absolutely LOVE it and LOVE reading! The program recommends that you cut out all other TV, but unfortunately that is not an option with my girls. My oldest has some major OCD behaviors and would not be able to function without watching Dora during the day. The hasn't seemed to affect the success of the program for us. As I said before, the girls both choose to watch Your Baby Can Read over most everything else. Each month I have seen improvement in their reading. I am so excited to see how they progress over the next month.

** Remember at the end of my 6 month review you will have the opportunity to win the Deluxe Version and previous comments (starting with the Month One post) will add to your entries.


Luv to Save said...

I'm always looking forward to read your's amazing how your kids are improving with their reading skills. It's good to know she can read complete sentences already. I would have love to see videos.

I tried convincing my husband to get it and he is all for it..but since it's really expensive I'm hoping to win one and if I won't win then I guess I'll just have to find away to get it....thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

So very encouraging to read your update and I look forward to being able to post my own updates very soon as I just received my deluxe package in the mail last week!!! Thank YOU!!!

Brandie said...

I've been thinking about trying this program. Going to read the rest of the posts!

Karene said...

Love that your kids are really taking it all in. I wasn't sure if it would last but apparently it is sticking. I love that can relate to your children with downs as my son has some delays as well. Congrats on all of your families success


Anonymous said...

After reading your blogs for the last few months, I can see that the program is working. I'm always skeptical with programs that are sold on TV, but this seems to be legit.
Dawn H.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cut out all other tv!? I could see that being a problem unless you start very very young with the program to where it's like the only form of television they have ever known.

Anne said...

My kids love watching movies over "reading" so this might work for even them!

Peter said...

What a blessing!! It sounds like your girls are becoming great readers. They are lucky to have a mommy who works with them so much!!! I would love to see how it would work for my wee man who is quite a bit younger than your girls.

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