Thursday, April 22, 2010

Name calling.

So these days Little Man has gotten into name calling. He only does it to me and it isn't really a nasty name or anything.....instead of calling me ma mom like he normally does he has been calling me by my first name. I have corrected him and ignored him. He is a smart kid and can tell it bothers me so every time he does it,
he does it with a smile on his face.
Have you ever dealt with this and how did you take care of it?


Rebecca O said...

My son was looking at pictures with my one day when I was on the computer. He saw a picture of me, pointed, and said, "Bekki". I, not thinking said, "Yep, that's mommy, Bekki". Now, if he wants to get my attention or just irritate me to get a reaction, he will call me Bekki instead of mommy. He will also say, Mommy Bekki, as if that is my name. It only bothers me when he calls me Bekki. The mommy Bekki thing does not bother for some reason. Now we tell him (when he just says my name), that he needs to call me mommy. He is smart, and can see that it irritates me (and my fiancee), so he stopped calling me Bekki for the most part. Sometimes, he forgets. So we just gently remind him.

Audrey and Geoffery said...

Grant also went through a stage where he would only call me by my first name. Also he could tell it was annoying me so he would giggle, everytime. Finally, after a while, he just stoped doing it. He then moved on to more things that annoyed me, mainly to get attention. Don't you love little kids, they're pretty smart!

This Mama Rocks said...

Hey girl,
I got a cute little featured button on my blog now if you want to add it since you were featured :)

Lee-Ann said...

I would just ignore. he sure is cute though. :)

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