Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Baby Shower

My friend Kristin and I were throwing a baby shower for a friend this past Friday night. When we came across these adorable cupcakes from Martha Stewart we knew we had our theme for the baby shower. I had never heard of it before but it's called a Nesting Baby shower for the nesting mother. Kristin is the queen when it comes to bake goods and look how fabulous hers turned out!!
Next I started to think about decorations that went all around birds, nest and blue and yellow because our friend is having a baby boy. I made a water bath for these cute little chicks with blue M&M's. (Easter Candy helped me a lot! I found all kinds of great egg candy that matched my color palette)I couldn't have a nesting theme without some beautiful eggs. I decided to use chic white table clothes so your attention was placed where I wanted it to go. Add a sweet birdhouse and some more chicks and I think we have some awesome decorations. I wanted to use lemonade because it is yellow and summer time and you just have to drink lemonade in the summer time. Last and the most important shout out to Kristin for the amazing food!! Seriously I wish she would make my dinner every night.


Dee said...

Everything looks fantastic. I want some of that food!

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