Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tips for Dr visits.

Whenever LM and I show up to the doctors office. They all know it. As soon as LM's name is called and we walk through the door to the weigh in station he completely loses his mind. From that moment on he screams like a wild child. I have found a solution to helping your toddler cope with going to the doctor. At least it worked well for me. First we bought a doctor kit. We practice what the doctor would do to him and we even practiced saying "Hi Doctor!" We even brought his new toys to our appointment and he did so well. My second trick up my sleeve for the visit was a box of crayons. I sat him on top of that white paper while we waited for our Dr. and he colored up a storm. Even my doctor was impressed because he had never seen my son so happy. He is normally a crazed out of control child.
I will not have to dread my next visit to the doctor and maybe you won't too.


Anara said...

This is exactly how the AAP recommends preparing your toddler.

I love the little otoscope!

If you get any of the triangle shaped no-roll crayons from a restaurant, those are perfect for exam table art.

And bubbles are always popular.

You can also bring a toy and let the doctor examine the toy together with your child.

But carry some sanitizing wipes for exam room toys and clean or isolate any toys when you come home - pediatricians will be the first to tell you that you can carry illness home from an office visit.

Hannah said...

Crayons! How have I not thought of this? How have pediatritions not thought of this? You're brilliant.

Audrey and Geoffery said...

Okay seriously you're the best mom. I never thought to do this. All I thought was that my child had a MAJOR problem and he needed to get over it. I never considered to HELP him with it:)!!! I'm sooo dumb! I LOOOOOOVE the crayon idea and we're up for our 3 year appointment and I will FOR SURE do these things. Hopefully it will help. I'm soooo impressed.

Linds said...

Crayons are such a great idea! Def putting some in my diaper bag now so that I have them for my next appt!

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