Monday, January 11, 2010

Review and Discount code: Sleepy Wrap

Many mothers have their one item that they believed saved them, when it came to being a first time mother. If they had know about Sleepy Wraps, this would be their it item. I am such a huge fan of mothers and wraps. They benefit the child and mother so much. The child who is in the wrap feels so secure and warm next to their parents chest. They feel comfortable in their surroundings without having to be in their surroundings alone. Studies have shown that children who are held more cry less. I know this to be true with my son and this is what helped my colic son. I love wraps because they do not hurt my back like other baby carriers did. The fabric helps evenly distribute your babies weight around your whole back not just on your shoulders like other baby carriers.
It benefits the mother in one great are hands free while holding your child!! I let my sister test the Sleepy Wrap out with her infant son and she fell in love just as I did the first time I put my son in a wrap. She was able to clean her house and tend to her 2 year all at the same time. She told me she wanted to test out using the wrap while breastfeeding. Once she got him in position and latched on she was able to breastfeed hands free while making Christmas cookies with her family. Now that is truly amazing.

Another great thing about the wrap with a young infant is you can wear this in public and cover your child completely. You will not have to worry about strangers touching your baby and germs getting near your child. A great tip for the wrap is to go ahead and put it on before you leave your house. Once your get to the grocery store or play date you can slip your baby into it and not have to stand in the parking lot wrapping yourself up.

I love that Sleepy Wraps can be used from infancy until early toddler years. I can still put Little Man in the wraps and he just loves being in there. With all the different ways to wear the wrap you will find that you use it more than you would other carriers.

Want to BUY one for yourself? Go to Sleepy Wrap and use the discount code 'Pink’ – worth 10% off any order and is valid until 2/12/10.

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