Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: Silikids

I had never heard of Silikids before doing this product review. From Silikids website you learn that they offer Silicone for many different products because Silicone is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Silicone has few open pores, so it does not harbor or promote bacteria or fungus growth. Because of its high heat resistance, silicone can be boiled to sterilize, is dishwasher safe, and washer and dryer safe. Silicone does not fade or retain odor, and is
sturdy and easy to clean.
I received the Silipads. These are great little pads for your children's knees while they are learning to crawl. After moving into our new home I realized just how little carpet we have. We mainly have hardwood floors that look beautiful however they can be hard on little crawling knees. These Silipads provide extra comfort to and support to the knee for young children. I love the soft rubber grip on the center of the pad to help your children not lose their balance and slip while learning to crawl. I know if you have hardwoods or would like to let your child crawl out side and not ruin their knees and pants you should own a pair or two! They come in wonderful colors like the green above. I like that I can use it for boys or girls.
To BUY it go to Silikids Website.

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