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Christmas List: Review Anka Highchair

I am sure many of you have heard of Scandinavian Child. They have so many wonderful brands such as: Beaba, Cariboo, Lillibaby and Svan. I am here to introduce you to another brand of they offer called Anka. Anka has a signature piece which is the Anka High Chair.

I was thrilled with how the chair arrived at my house. You know that when you get a piece of furniture in the mail you are going to be putting it together forever. The chair arrived almost assembled. From start to finish it took me 15 minutes to finish putting it together. I had to put the bottom pieces on and the cushion and the tray. Talk about easy and every mother needs something easy in her life! I was quickly impressed with the Anka High Chair. I have broken this review down into 3 categories. Price, Safety and Style.

I know many of you mothers want the best most durable products for your children. Often it can be hard to do that on a budget. That is one of the reasons the Anka High Chair came about. They offer you a chair with so much class and safety that is also affordable. Many high end chairs can cost over $200. The Anka chair is $180 and you are getting two in one. The chair can be used as a booster chair for children up to age 5.

My son has had two different types of high chairs. One wooden and the other a plastic chair. These chairs have been my worst nightmare. Neither came with the proper safety belt because he could easily wiggle out of them and end up on the tray or on my table all the time. The Anka High Chair comes with a 3 point harness safety belt that my son has not been able to get past. This gives me more comfort during meals.
Not only were the belts a problem for us but the other chairs could be tipped backwards by my son. He would put his little feet up on the table and push himself backward. I was always afraid to walk out of the room for fear he would fall from a high surface or come crashing down in his chair. My favorite feature with the Anka High Chair would be how wide the base of the chair is. We have had no tipping of the chair, and you know Little Man has tried. When he tries all that happens is he makes the chair slide backwards I will take having to push him back to the table over him falling backwards any day!
From their website you can learn how much they value safety "As a proud member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), we test and certify all of our products to the stringent safety standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). We feel strongly about distributing only the safest products and display the JPMA certification, where applicable, to assure parents they are buying the absolute best products for their child......
Our goal: to provide the safest, most environmentally sensitive products on the market. Non-toxic children's products Scandinavian Child goes the extra mile to make sure our products are free of substances that could put children at risk. We regularly conduct laboratory tests on every part of the products we represent. "

This chair screams class and beauty. I believe this chair would satisfy both the modern lover and the traditional mommy. It has such a traditional look because of the gorgeous wooden frame and build. Yet a modern twist with the wide base and sleek smaller frame.
The chair comes in three wonderful colors for you personal style and decor: Honey, Espresso, and Natural.
When using the high chair for younger children it comes with a wooden tray along with a plastic cover tray to protect the wood. It has a safety bar you attach to the seat of the chair to make sure young children do not slip out. (you can see it in the second picture, where the tray is not pictured) I have heard some complain that they do not like how you have to screw in the safety bar or unscrew it to remove it. I find the fact that you have to screw it in safer. I know my son is pushing on it will not make the safety bar fall out of place. You can remove both the tray and the safety bar for older children who would like to sit at the table like everyone else.
Each chair comes with a soft machine washable cushion to make meal times more pleasant for children and clean up pleasant for parents. They also offer other colored cushions on their website.
You will also notice the foot rest for the children. You can adjust it up or down to suit you children's needs best. This chair is was made for your child and you can rest assure that they are going to be save and comfortable while in it.

This chair has such a great trick up it's sleeve, it can fold up for easy storage when you need more room in your home for other actives. As shown in the picture above. I have it between my refrigerator and my counters.
I would say the only con to this chair would be it is meant for regular tables. If you have a counter top table in you home the child will not be able to use the chair at the table with you. Other than that this chairs is breathtaking.
I honestly never thought I would be able to love a high chair so much. I love all that it offers but most of all I love that my son will sit in it and be happy and not fight to get out of it like he did so often with his other chairs.

*Thank you to for providing a sample product free of charge for this giveaway. All opinions expressed are those of the contributors of and not influenced by any other outside source. We write about our experience with the product which may be different from your own.

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Anonymous said...

Do you like this chair better than the Svan high chair and if so why? Do you think it is less likely to be able to be pushed back from the table than the Svan?

Pink Nothings said...

I never have reviewed the Svan chair so I can only speak for the Anka Highchair. I have wood floors so when my son pushes himself back from the table it isn't a very hard thing to do. Good luck if you are looking for a highchair. I loveeeee this one!! Look up reviews for the Svan and maybe you can decide which one you like best.

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