Friday, October 9, 2009

Featured with Pink- Before the baby wakes

Hello to all the Pink Nothings Reader<----that is a great blog name! I wish I would have snagged it for myself! You see I too am a blogging momma of a little boy. I've always had an extreme love affair with the color pink.Seriously I majorly heart it. But I have a boy so no pink for us.
I have 14 month old, Phoenix who is all boy. Seriously (I kind of say that a lot) he climbs on coffee tables, scales the cabinets in the pantry (under Daddy's "watchful" eye, yeah notice the quotation marks?), he screeches, he hits, and bites. We're currently working on those last three.

As much of a handful as he is I wouldn't trade him for all the Marc Jacob bags in the world, well that's a lot of bags.....hmmm....I'll have to think that one over. I'll get back to ya on that one.

I blog mostly about random mommy/wife/life/girl topics that come to mind. Sometimes my post make no sense because I'm probably changing a diaper or stirring a pot of noodles while I'm posting it, but I would love for you to stop by and check me out!

Alexandria-the mommy

~~Before The Baby Wakes~~


Dee said...

I wouldn't trade him either! What a cutie!

Stacey said...

He's a cutie! I have plenty of pink for you. I've got four pink, drama queens and there are many days I wish I had all blue! LOL

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