Friday, September 18, 2009

Featured With Pink

What is the name and purpose of your blog?
Mama Plays Mozart originally started blogging as a way to cope with my daughter's medical condition, but now I'm really enjoying it! I never knew that there were so many creative and talented people out there!

Who do you hope to reach out to when you blog?
I hope to connect with other blogging mommies. I love sharing stories about life and learning about new things!

When did you first discover the wonderful world of blogging?
My sister (Mama Sparkles) started blogging when she had her son. I've really enjoyed reading her blog over the past year and a bit... It just seemed natural that I would start one when my little one was born.

Do you do giveaways and reviews on your blog?
I just started doing giveaways and hope to have the opportunity to do some more!

How many children do you have?
One beautiful baby girl -she'll be one year old in October!

What is your favorite thing to do when your child/children take their naps?
Search the blogosphere of course! Or sometimes I sneak in a meal/shower :)

What is your advice to a new mom to be?
1. Try not to get caught up in whether or not you are doing everything 'right' -babies are surprisingly very resilient. 2. No matter how tired you are, try to make some time every day to get some fresh air -you and your baby will appreciate it. 3. Enjoy every moment -you've heard the saying "they grow up so fast" etc., but you will never really understand this until you have one of your own!

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Anonymous said...

This is so great! -thanks so much for the feature :)

Jen said...

great feature, I really enjoy Mama Plays Mozart's blog.

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