Monday, August 10, 2009

Mommy moment contest.

Okay so I told you guys all about the Breastfeeding story contest going on at Baby Makin(g) Machine. Here is my story. I really wanted to help other mothers out who may go through what I went through. Please read on!
I knew the moment I was having a baby that I would breastfeed this little tike inside of me. I just knew it would be so lovely, such a wonderful bonding experience that only he and I would share. So why pray tell did he and I both feel like this while doing it?I knew some woman had pain while they were first learning how to breastfeed, but come on why did it feel like I had a dog biting me every time I tried to feed him? It turned out there really was something wrong with my baby's tongue. He was Tongue Tied. That is where the piece of skin that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is too short. So he couldn't nurse the correct way. He would latch on correctly but when it was time to suck he could only get the tip. Which was insanely painful for me and frustrating for him. I had to schedule and appointment with a specialist to have his tongue clipped. I know it sounds awful but it really does help the baby. Not only now in the moment with breast feeding but later down the road with speech problems. Here is the poor little guy in his torture chair. He was 2 weeks old when we finally got to go to the appointment.
Here is the tool my son thought was evil and I thought saved my life!! This is how the whole process went down. The specialist looked at his tongue and sure enough he was Tongue Tied. (A great way to tell for you moms at home, the skin that is too short pulls the tongue into a heart shape at the tip of the tongue.) Boy did he have it bad. The Doctor told me most do not bleed but he was so bad I should expect it. I had to hold my baby down why he clipped it. Then I had to nurse him right afterwards and I tell you it was like night and day! I could tell a huge difference from before. I would have paid the man a whole lot more money because he made my breastfeeding experience everything I wanted it to be after he clipped his tongue. We went back at 2 months to make sure it was all better and it was! So of course I have to tell you that if it really hurts don't let people ignore you because you are a first time mother who over exaggerates. You may really need to check it out!


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