Thursday, July 9, 2009


Did Thursday just fly by for me or what. I cannot believe I have not posted today.

I saw the biggest tearjerker last night. If you want a movie to see with your girlfriends, because no man will admit to seeing this, you should see My Sister's Keeper. The love of family is so sweet. I'll be back tomorrow.


Mommy of Many said...

My sisters and I will have to check out My sister's keeper. My sisters love a good tear jerker.
I left a little something for you at my blog.

Kimmy @ kimmythingy said...

I am desperate to see this, but I just *know* my hubby will not sit through another blub-fest.

We just watched Marley and Me, and I think seeing my mascara streaked face may have scarred him for life!

Perhaps I'll wait for the DVD. lol

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I'm waiting to see this tearjerker in my home. I sobbed terribly when I saw The Notebook. I can't imagine My Sister's Keeper will have me sobbing since everyone I know that has seen it has cried...a lot.

Kaylen said...

Have you read the book? It is such a great book and I hear the book is way better than the movie (as usual), so I don't plan to watch this movie until it's playing 4 times a week on TNT or Lifetime in another year.

I cried like crazy with the book!

Pink Nothings said...

No I had not read the book. Now I will not be able to because I have a hard time getting into them after I know the end.

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