Monday, July 13, 2009

Review- Trendy Tadpole

I had the chance to review a shirt from an awesome site called Trendy Tadpole. It can be hard to find clothes that are hip and fun for your babies to wear. I enjoy all the cartoons out there for little ones but not enough to have them plastered on my child's shirts. I love Trendy Tadpole because they offer styles that are totally trendy. These are some that I liked best.

What I liked about this product.
-It had a onesie look to the shirt
-Very stretchy material yet it fits him all snug
-After washing it didn't fade or get smaller, that's a plus for any mother!
Con list.
-That I don't have more of these....guess I will be heading back to Trendy Tadpole soon.

Want one for your baby? BUY IT at Trendy Tadpole. You will just love it.


Kaylen said...

Super cute!!! Makes me want to have a baby just so I can dress him/her up in these outfits!!

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