Thursday, May 19, 2011

mOmma Review

I came across this new product recently on a website called mOmma. I had never heard of them or seen any other baby products that just looked plain awesome.
They are getting ready to make their appearance in the USA!
Innovation, technology, movement and colour.
mOmma is a revolutionary line of baby products that encourages baby to discover his surroundings with products that are unique in shape, movement and colour, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s day into a moment of growth and pleasure, teaching baby to recognize esthetically pretty products and get his eyes trained to beautiful objects that surround him. Yes, beauty counts...(from their website)

I was sent the soft tip spoon. My toddler calls it a silly spoon. He loves that it can roll around on the table when he puts it down. I love that the tip of the spoon doesn't touch the dirty public table we are eating at. :) Yes, I am a germ a phoebe! The rolling motion keeps the spoon from touching the surface.
It comes with a handy cover which makes it great to toss into diaper bags for a quick get away when you are ready to pack up and go.

They say it's good for 4months plus, however I think it is a bit big for my 7 months mouth. He does enjoy playing with it during meal time. I would like to think it would be perfect for a 1 yr old learning to feed himself because of the easy grasp it takes to hold the spoon.

The product I am most interested in testing next would be the Developmental drink set. It is one bottle with 3 tops. This truly grows with your baby. Check out mOmma today!

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