Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Infantino Cloud Shopping Cart Cover

I have become a germ freak in my older age. I used to never worry or care about germs and now I cannot get them out of my head. Then my husband told me some disturbing news.
A University of Arizona researcher found signs of fecal bacteria on 72% of carts. E. coli was also found on half of the carts sampled.

Researchers said grocery cart handles housed more fecal bacterial than what would typically be found in a bathroom. That could be because bathrooms are disinfected more regularly than the carts.

More on this can be found HERE

As if I don't already have enough to worry about when I go to the grocery store.

Things like....

Will I be able to run and acquire the car shopping cart? With my toddler and almost 7 month old in hand before that other mom with her two kids?

Will I be able to keep Little Man in the cart until we get to the milk.....where I have promised to let him walk once we get there?

Now I have to worry that my baby will be getting someones fecal bacteria on them???!!! GROSS. I deal with his enough during the day.

This is where my new love from Infantino comes into play!!

I received the Cloud Shopping Cart Cover to review for you guys. First I must say it is adorable. I love all the numbers on it. Little Man and I play some I-Spy with it. Very educational for all the children in your family. The fabric is soft and it is very easy to figure out.

It has a couple of loops on it to attach your child's toys to for easy reaching and no dropping of the toys. It does have a safety belt for your child. However I wish it would have a separate buckle to attach the cover to the cart. It just easily slips over the cart and around the edges. Baby Daniel loves that he can sit up and play when he wants and with the help of a blanket take a nap when he wants too!!

It can also be used for a out to eat restaurant highchair. I didn't care for it to much for this purpose. I felt like it was too bulky and didn't really fit snug on the chair once the baby was actually sitting in it.

Overall I think it is a great product for the germs in your life and obviously the germs in your grocery carts life! It's neutral gender and easy to fold up and keep in your trunk for the next use. Just remember to wash it or the entire purpose is defeated not disinfected!

You can BUY one for yourself at Target.

Thank you to Infantino for providing a sample product free of charge for this review.
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