Friday, March 11, 2011

30 Days Of 3

Day 3: something you have to forgive yourself for.

(picture taken by Little Man himself)
I think in in the midst of adjusting to taking care of and running around for this little one, I sometimes take my frustration out on this little guy. I suppose acknowledging it helps right?

For example. I am constantly complaining to my husband how Little Man makes me late to any place I go. Just two days ago I realized it wasn't even Little Man's fault. It's my fault for not letting the baby cry more.
I am getting LM dressed when the baby starts to cry. I stop what I am doing and go to get the baby. Once I settle him, I start to dress LM again. Then the baby cries some more and I move him to a different location for some change of scenery. By time I finish dressing LM I feel like it has taken 45 minutes.....when really I was running around doing other things. I shouldn't get mad at that sweet kid. Did you see his face?
So this is a shout out to Little Man....I'm sorry you sweet kissable little boy. I love you...
Don't worry he hears that from me all the time.
Kids are forgiving people. Thank goodness.

I love my boys.


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