Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rain rain go away....School Time

We were stuck in doors for a week and were going a bit crazy. I was trying to clean my kitchen for the 65748Th time and LM wanted something fun to do. As I was putting food away I saw my sugar and BAM it hit me. Lets make a indoor sandbox. However ours would have no sand and all sugar. With rice thrown into the mix at some point during the fun.Little Man enjoyed feeling the different textures and we were doing all kinds of scooping and pouring into containers. It was a good time to go over how our hands are for touching and feeling different things.
We found a nice container to store it in so we can play with it again on a day where we are going stir crazy.Just know it WILL get messy. There is no doubt about it. I forgot to pull out my spare shower curtain I use for projects like this, so you might want to try and remember. Please don't let the mess scare you because we had a lot of fun doing this until the baby woke from his nap.
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