Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Favorite 15

Today I had the opportunity to attend the baby shower of my dear friend, Lesley. Lesley is having her first baby in May, she is having a little girl. Since I am a Mom of boys only- I kinda had a hard time trying to decide what I should buy for Baby Girl. Needless to say I succeeded in my decision.

Lesley's sister Ryan- just so happens to be my sister in law; hosted this destination baby shower in Georgia- both sisters grew up here, (but moved in the last several years to opposite sides of the country). I had fun Catching up with friends, eating delicious food. The shower was lots of fun. The decorations and table arrangements were beautiful, and then to top it off- all the guests were given a party gift bag. This included lots of yummy chocolates, Victoria's Secret PINK body lotion, and my new Favorite body mist from Victoria's Secret.

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Sweet Dreams!


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