Thursday, February 10, 2011

Am I getting taller?

Or are the skirts getting shorter?

I usually can find something in a store I like. But lately, when I'm trying to find a nice, pretty, church approved skirt.... There aren't any to be found! And if I find one I do like, it's usually 3 times what I was wanting to spend or it's not my size.

I don't know why I don't just keep the ones I wore 8 years ago in high school because the fashion industry is repeating! Why can't people find a new style instead of repeating? And not only 80's clothing styles are "back" but I'm starting to see A LOT of 90's styles coming back too. Chunky shoes. Shirts that I refer to as the Chandler shirt. (Target won't let me save a copy so click here to see it.)

All I'm saying is, it would be nice to have options when I go shopping. I feel like every store is the same. Mini, flowery, teeny bop, short skirts. I have to say a pet peeve of mine is when ladies (not young girls, ladies) wear these tiny, little, mini skirts to church and wear leggings under them. This is so tacky and even though you are trying to look fashionable... It's church! Enough said.


Just For Me And You-Ladies said...

It sounds like you are shopping at the teeny bop stores. Which I am all about Forever 21/H&M for tops, but you're can't find modest dresses and skirts. You should shop the women's (not juniors) at department stores. That is where I find all my fave church clothes.

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