Monday, January 24, 2011

My Toddler Won't Eat!!

How often do you hear other parents or even yourself utter that sentence? I am guessing if you have a toddler, you have at some point wanted to hold their mouths open and shove healthy food down their throats. Although the thought of it sounds nice, you must be willing to have a toddler (try to) beat you up afterwards. So if you experience what I do, here are some creative ways that have helped my sweet LM to eat his veggies and fruit.

First weapon of choice. Cookie cutters. THEY. SAVE. ME. Simple, easy, and you can guarantee that 99.9% of the time your child will eat whatever is placed in front of him for meals. The trick is, you must first cut it into something your child recognizes. For LM, he is into trees ever since Christmas. We always decorate with raisins.
Sidenote: I have also found if I get food coloring and add a smile to the shape he will be extra excited to eat it.

LM is very into birthdays currently. He loves to sing the birthday song all the time (and loves to eat the cake even more). We have started to add "birthday cakes" to our lunches. We sing and pretend to blow out the candles (pretzels) and then eat our "cake".
Side note: Just be willing to sing this for almost every apple slice.

Some suggestions for the "icing" are just plain peanut butter for your apples or you could puree some carrots, add some chocolate syrup to your peanut butter for some added fun.

Geez who knew feeding a toddler could be liberating and ?!!

Feel free to leave some of your own parenting secrets in getting a toddler.


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