Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have been laughing so hard.

Okay I have no idea who Heather is from I just heard about her other site from Baby Makin(g) Machine. But she apparently gets a huge amount of hate comments. I have enjoyed reading comments from all the crazies out there. Here are a few of my favorites....Don't judge me you are going to laugh at these too.

1.your grandma died. so what. you act like your the first person to ever lose a grandma. mine died 10 years ago


I just wanted to let you know.. that I think your full of crap. I’ve tried, and I can’t really target it to just one specific area for you to improve upon; your are (as far as I can tell from the posts I read on your website) full of crap in every single capacity of life.

3.You are a very good writer, though. You’d have to be, since you have almost nothing interesting to say, yet do a great job presenting it.

If you want a laugh at the insane things people feel the urge to post go here.


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