Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feel like helping others this season?

Great you can start with my best friend in the whole world.
Her name is Megan and we have been friends since we were 14 years old. She too just had her second child except she got a cute little girl....I'm not jealous..... :)

YMI Jeans is hosting a Top Fan contest on their facebook page to win jeans for an entire year! Megan is currently ranked #3.
She says "My post pregnancy body isn't even close to fitting into my current jeans so this would be awesome to win! I need everyone's help."
Now if you have ever been a mother who cannot fit in your jeans after a baby you understand!! Lets help her out
Become her friend on facebook-

and then 'Like' YMI Jeans on facebook-

Go on over and help her out. Plus I know you will enjoy her review blog.


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