Wednesday, November 10, 2010

honestly i don't know how they do it.

Really how do those mothers blog and raise their children all at the same time. I find that when I have free time I am trying to feed myself and then clean my house and somehow manage to cook dinner and feed it to my toddler. Why can't I find the time to blog and just chill like all the other moms who blog all the time? Blogging seems to be the last thing that comes to mind these days. There are so many times I think, oh I need to blog about this. The time just never comes to actually write the post. Gee you are lucky to have this one. To the few who really read my blog these days. I really want to start posting more just so I have time to sit down and think. Two children are great. They keep me busy and I like that. Little Man has completely shocked me. I tried and tried and tried to potty train him before the baby came and he was so good at it for a week and then he just decided he wasn't going to do it any longer. For months, almost the entire pregnancy I tried to convince him it would be a great idea to use the potty. I finally came to a understanding with him....that he just wasn't going to do it.
Well he started telling us he wanted to go after the baby came home. It wasn't every time or even every day. That is until Halloween came. He loaded up his pumpkin basket and I saw a great bribe. I told him when he pees on the potty he could get a piece of candy and wouldn't you know it that did the trick. He is now staying dry at night and during his naps. I am soo happy to have a child who is using the potty and not so many of those dang expensive pull ups.

I never like to read blogs who don't put up a picture with the post. So sorry to all those who love visuals like me. I really don't feel like asking my friend google for a picture to relate to this post. If I were not so sleepy right now I would upload some pictures of the boy and baby. Maybe next time............


Anonymous said...

honey, i'll tell you this, i'm single and you see how often i have time to blog! life is busy and family comes first. i'm proud of LM for being potty trained. give him hugs. and kisses to baby man.

Mama Hen said...

Blogging takes a lot of time and it can be very hard to keep up with writing posts. But you need to write because it is something you love. Your blog is your little piece of you and you can blog when you feel like it. That is the great thing about blogging. You can blog if you you would like and you can take a break when you need to. It should be fun! Blog so you enjoy it my friend, not for any other reason. You have a beautiful blog! I hope you have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

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