Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple and Delicious Potato Soup

I have always loved potato soup. When I was in High school I worked at a sandwich shop named Frandaddy's Sub. The owner Carolyn made homemade soups. ALL of them were divine and tasty. I enjoyed her potato soup the best. Unfortunately, I also despise peeling potatoes. For years and years I only would enjoy potato soup at restaurants such as O'Charley's, Ted's Montana Grill, or Outback Steak House. This was until my lovely sister in law, Kari served this delicious potato soup and had me hooked..... because it was like a recipe Sandra Lee from Semi-Homemade would use. The recipe is below. Make a nice big pot this weekend, I know I am!

Potato Soup

2 lbs of diced hash brown potatoes- ( I like the one with onions)

(I've used the frozen and the fresh one, but I prefer the brand Simply Potato, they can be found with the eggs. They are in a green package.)

2 cans of chicken broth

1 package of pepper gravy or country gravy mix

Mix broth and gravy mix
add potatoes, bring to a boil and then simmer until desired tenderness. I usually have to add extra milk during the cooking process.

Serve with Bacon, Cheese, Chives, Sour Cream

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Enjoy the Taste of

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