Thursday, September 9, 2010

You may have noticed Pink Nothings added a new contributor- introducing-

Simple Goodness

The definition of simple means: easy to understand

The definition of goodness means: the state or quality of being good.

I am a simple person, I'm easy to get along with, I have lots of energy and love trying new things in the kitchen.

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I'll be turning 30 this year, and I am excited and at the same time a little confused. I can't believe I've gotten this old. I enjoy baking, working out, reading Kristin Hannah books, listening to Brandi Carlile's music- (I'll be seeing her live tomorrow night in Hot Atlanta). I love spending time with my family, and playing with my boys: Braden and Jackson. Braden will be turning 3 this month, and Jackson turned 9 months old today.

Please check back often for fresh, simple and good recipes. I'll also be reviewing products and having FREE giveaways soon.


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