Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Room

Okay, so here is a reminder just how bad I had let the spare room get. I have been working really hard on this room ever since my bug guy said he couldn't walk in there to even spray it. Then I found out I was expecting and that put me into high gear.

I am not 100% finished yet. I still have a few touches to add to the room. So this is just a lite sampler for you all. My husband painted the dresser for me and we still need to get some knobs on it. I didn't really have a theme for this room until I received these nesting blocks from my husbands grandmother. They have Peter Rabbit on them and I have decided to go with that. Nothing to over board. I have the blocks and I have painted a picture of Peter Rabbit. You will have to wait to see that until I get it framed. We still have to build the changing station for the little tike and put the bumper on the crib. Then, I think we will be ready.
The baby will be born not this Friday but the next. Time has just gone by and I wonder sometimes how I got her so fast. Married with almost 2 children. Wow. Makes me feel old. I suppose it is suiting to feel old because it will be my birthday next Tuesday. I hope that I will be able to transition to being a mother of 2 smoothly. Now that I understand what motherhood is really all about. I feel more equipped to tackle it. I know I am not a first time mom, but if you have any advice for making the change from a mother of 1 to a mother of 2 children don't hold back!!


Just For Me And You-Ladies said...

You have been working hard, girl! His room looks soo cute! That is the same color I plan on painting Carson's dresser, but haven't got to it yet (like most things here). Good job, I love it! Can't wait to see his crib.

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