Monday, August 23, 2010

creepy crawlers.

Oh. My. Where do I even begin this post? Let's start with the first time we saw a bee in the house. It was early one morning and I was trying to get LM ready to go to our music class when he ran up to me and yelled "Bee Mamom!" We went on to have a conversation about how he saw a bee flying in the house and I told him I was sure it was a fly. Well later that day as he was napping and I was getting a bite to eat at the kitchen table I hear this buzzing sound coming from the kitchen window. I went to see and sure enough there was the bee he saw that morning. I killed it and felt bad that I told him it was a fly without ever seeing it. That's when it all began. I started to find dead bee's all over my house. I kept complaining to my husband to do something about it and then I stopped seeing them and forgot all about it. I found 5 the other day and remembered. So I sat down and had a chat with good ol' Google and found out just how much I had painted myself in a corner.
Turns out I should have called with the first few I saw not the 20-30 I have seen in my house. Google suspects I have a honey bee nest in my house somewhere. I am guessing my attic. We called my mother-in-law tonight because she dealt with this same issue once and got a number of someone to call. She also told us about a friend of hers who had the same problem and didn't take care of it and the weight of the honey made the nest fall through her ceiling. OH. I. WOULD. DIE!!!!!!
Mr. Husband will be calling tomorrow to see when someone can come over and check things out.
And if this wasn't enough to freak me out. Tonight my husband went to the mail box and found 2 of these nasty little guys inside. Our poor mailman has been sticking his hand into that box for the past couple of days and had no idea. I hope he is okay. Mr. Husband said he just killed a huge one on his car yesterday. What the heck. How many of these killers are living in my yard?

I am soo jumpy right now. I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me. EWWWW


Jill said...

Thanks for making me paranoid. I hate spiders, esepcially black widows. Hope the bee thing isn't an issue.

Lori said...


Hannah said...

Ter-ri-fy-ing!! At least the bees you've been finding are dead!!

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