Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't judge me...but

I am addicted to watching I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. It comes on TLC and I believe the title gives it all away. These women will go into labor without ever knowing they were pregnant. Most rarely gain any weight and never get a huge belly. There is always this point in the show where either the doctors at the ER tell the women they are in active labor or the baby just comes out. The women are always in shock and disbelief when someone tells them they are having or just had a baby. I die laughing every time. I feel a bit bad that I cannot hold the laughter in but it is just soo funny to me. Hope I am not a bad person for laughing and finding it to be very funny. Have you seen it an if so what is your reaction to the show?


lisa forsyth said...

I have watched that show quite a bit myself.. some of them I believe... others I just think they are So rediculously clueless about life it's not even funny! SO I don't blame you for laughing!

Miss you la la!

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