Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These hips don't lie

I am 22 weeks today. I have 4 months before this guy comes home with me and I am starting to notice all kinds of projects around the house. I just cannot do very much these days. I am having major pain when it comes to walking. Pain that didn't come with Little Man until much later in the pregnancy. There are days I really want to do the dishes and get my kitchen under control but the thought of walking and moving my hips makes me not do it. I wish I didn't have such pain so I could do all the things I want to do.
I am tempted to get one of those maternity belts that support you. I just don't know if it will really relieve the pain. I am starting to think that LM know's a baby is on the way because he is becoming very needy. He wants me to hold him a lot these days and with my sore hips I prefer to only do it while sitting down. He is never very happy with that. He is starting to become a bit more of a daddy's boy. Last night he woke up twice and wanted nothing to do with me. He wanted daddy to walk him back to his bed. I was a bit sad and a bit happy to go back to bed.
Please note my hair. I will be getting it cut soon, not short just layers. I will show you my new style when I get it done. I am really excited about it.


Christina Hidek said...

I bet you have round ligament pain- I had that with my second baby too- I don't think there's anything you can do about it. My pain went away when the baby switched positions. Took him about a week- I couldn't stand up straight for that time. Good luck I hope the little guys moves for you soon.

This Mama Rocks said...

your hair has gotten so long! It is so beautiful! You are just glowing. :) Sometimes I miss being pregnant.

Jeni said...

Congratulations Rebecca!! I hadn't checked your blog in a while...mostly because I haven't kept up with my blog. I had terrible ligament pain with #3 from about 20 weeks. the baby belly band really does help! You have to fork out the money though and get a good one from get the groin and shoulder's not pretty, but it goes under your clothes and you will be able to walk again after a day or so of wearing it. mine fell behind the dresser and I couldn't find it for a couple days and the pain came back as sharp as before after having it off for those days. Highly recommended!!!!! don't suffer...get the band. :)

Hannah said...

Oh I so wish we were near each other and could commiserate together. Do you think we'll survive the summer? I think the pool is my new favorite place--for the relief on my hips/back and for the relief from the heat!

You do look adorable, though!

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