Thursday, May 27, 2010

Slow down

I was looking at different family members blogs today and my aunt had just posted something new. I began to read it and just loved the message she gave. I love my aunt and I love that reading this made me want to change how I have been living my life at such a fast paced mode. I have copied her post here for all of you to read. Hope you get the same feeling as I did:

"Amy commented the other day, that she didn't know what she would do without the internet. She is a girl that wants info and wants it at her finger tips. We got to discussing this and it brought back good memories of days past. I am old and I do remember when there was nothing to do in the evenings but sit and watch a little T. V., read a book, sit on the porch or visit a neighbor or family member. Now we are too busy to slow down. Charlie and I laugh about going to the cabin when we go, because there is no phone, no TV, (we can watch a movie) no internet, no air conditioning, just the peace and quite of the world around us. It gives us more time to talk with each other, do nothing, nap in the middle of the day, read a book, or just sit on the porch and swing. I love this time and I too wonder about this hetic life we have just two hours down the road from the cabin and why when we leave we move right back into this crazy too busy to do anything lifestyle. How do we make ourselves adjust so easily to the cabin life when there and then revert right back to home life once we leave? I am going to try to slow my life down and enjoy what I have left. I am not going to borrow trouble and I am going to Love freely. Why not come and join me? I'll share a glass of tea with you while we sit on the porch and swing. "

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