Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Fact Friday: Mother's Day

We are starting a new weekly Friday post called FUN FACT FRIDAYS. Since we are focusing on Mother's this week, I thought I'd give you a few fun facts about Mother's Day.

Did You Know...

The idea for Mother's Day came nearly 150 years ago from Anna Jarvis, an Applachain homemaker, who organized a "Mother's Work Day" where mother's advocated to raise awareness of poor health conditions in her community. During a Sunday School lesson Anna said, "I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother's day. There are many days for men, but none for mothers."

After Anna's death in 1905, her daughter, Anna, began a campaign to memorialize the life and work of her mother. On May 10, 1908, in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania and in Grafton, West Virginia the first Mother's day was observed at a church service honoring the late Mrs. Anna Reeves. White Carnations, her favorite flower, were passed out to all of the mother's.

In 1912 West Virginia became the first state to adopt an official Mother's Day
In 1914 the U.S. Congress passed a Joint Resolution, and President Woodrow Wilson signed it, establishing Mother's Day, emphasizing women's role in the family.

I hope all of you mother's out there have a wonderful mother's day and are honored for all that you do.


JW said...

I think it's awesome that we celebrate mothers and the work they do in the home to care for, nuture, teach, love, and discipline our children into respectable, self sufficient, and caring individuals. I know I'm blessed by my mother, and I hope my children one day say the same thing about me.

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