Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Lollipop Fairy...

She is real and yesterday she came to our rescue. Yesterday my sister and I went shopping with our children. You can only image how the little tots felt after being pulled from one store to another and being locked into the grocery carts. As we were strolling in Target and our children were whining the sweet Lollipop Fairy came to our rescue. By first glance you may not know it's her. She looks like any grandmother out there with a huge smile and warm greeting. But don't be fooled she has a purse filled with lollipops to calm your little ones. It worked and I must say thank you!!

Speaking of Lollipops. I was watching TV last night and heard about one of the most ridiculous things ever....
These lame lollipops are called Couture Lollipops. All the stars are eating them or just holding them. They coast $25. Have they LOST their minds? I would never spend that on a stupid piece of candy. I have a hard time spending that on clothes for myself. Would you buy one for yourself to try? If they are that good maybe the Lollipop Fairy needs to upgrade!


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