Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mothers....really I need to know.

The weather here has been wet and rainy which pretty much means our children are couped up indoors too much. Today Down With Pink and I went to the mall for a few reasons, one to pick up my New Moon movie ticket!! (how exciting!) The other reason, let our children play on the play center in the middle of the mall. I have never done this before and never saw myself doing this before I had children. Once you have them you tend to change your opinions. (especially when it's been such bad weather)
Back to the story. We get there and let our children run wild. They were having so much fun. Little Man was so happy he couldn't contain himself. Then She arrived. The mother who didn't care what her children did and didn't care that her son was teaching my son terrible things. Instead of being able to sit and watch my child I had to follow him around and correct him when he tried to copy the other boy who climbed on things he shouldn't have been climbing on. Then this wild little boy's sister walked right up to DWP's Little Lady and pushed her over. Did the mother say or do anything to correct her children? NO.
After we found ourselves being the referee's at the slide we couldn't take it any more. Is it really a free for all when you let your children play at the mall? I was shocked that parents didn't step up more.
Please let me know if this is how it is, or do you agree you should be watching your children.



Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

That's totally how it is, but not how it should be!! It makes me insane that no matter where we go there are parents who don't notice or care (most likely!) what their kids are doing! And it's so hard to know what to do when something happens. Do you say something to the kid and risk a confrontation with the parent who doesn't want you telling their kid anything or do you talk to the parent who, again, probably doesn't care anyway what the kid is doing?? Craziness!!!

Mrs. Call Me Crazy said...

It is a free for all, but I am not having it. I am the psycho mom who will yell at other kids and glare at the other mom with judgemental eyes to let her know she is sucking. I mean, I am getting no "Mom of the Year" awards here, but it is common sense. Control your spawn in public.

MommyD said...

I usually get pretty mad when other kids are so inconsiderate, but last time at the park it was MY kiddo that knocked a little girl down, and I did everything I could to get her to apologize, and finally we just had to leave because she wouldn't apologize. BUT the other mom was so rude to me, like I was doing something wrong because my kid did that and I couldn't get her to be nice. Parents should ref during free play, but I thought most parents understood that kids can be mean and while you should correct them, you shouldn't take it personally. Whew, thanks for letting me vent in your blog comments! ;)

I am Lee-Ann... said...

That is not okay that she kid nothing, especially once things were getting physical. I would have corrected the child myself.

Pink Nothings said...

Thanks ladies! DWP did correct the girl who pushed Little Lady down. I should have added that in the post. I am soo glad I am not alone when it comes to this subject! Too bad we all cannot be the only mothers at a play ground together!

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