Monday, September 14, 2009

"Eww... gucky!"

I don't know what makes a child suddenly learn to hate vegetables, but for some reason my daughter thinks anything green is "gucky" (yucky.) It's not like I forced her to eat something really weird and the memory of that horrid food stuck in her mind. In fact, most veggies that I give her are covered in butter or cheese and sometimes even ketchup. I love vegetables and try to have at least one serving with every meal. My daughters... now that is another story.

If your like me (and most of the parents I know) you have probably done the veggie song and dance. You know, the one where you make up stupid songs, dances and cheers just to get your little one to take a small bite. Well, I have a few ideas that might just help those picky eaters actually enjoy their vegetables.
One of my favorite tricks is a baby food recipe developed by Dr. Leila Denmark out of Atlanta. Dr. Denmark celebrated her 112th Birthday last February and was a practicing pediatrician for over 75 years. She practiced well into her 90's. My sister actually took her son to her several years ago as a patient. This is the recipe given to my sister (makes several servings)...

1 cup pureed Banana (usually about 2 bananas)
1 cup pureed fruit
1 cup pureed veggie
1/2 cup pureed meat
Rice Cereal (enough to add desired texture)

Okay so this is how this works... younger babies beginning baby food start with Bananas, fruit and rice cereal and then add veggie as child gets older and end with adding meat. You can do any combination of veggie, meat, fruit, but bananas are always added. Try to put things together that would go well as a meal (i.e. peas, apple sauce, and ham or turkey; sweet potatoes, peaches, and chicken.) I know it sounds totally gross, but try it for yourself and see! Have you ever tasted baby food... yuck!! This actually tastes good!! Your baby will love it and you will love knowing that your baby is getting a full nutritious meal every time he/she eats!! Even if your baby is into self feeding solids, try giving him or her a little every meal to ensure that your little one is getting the nutrition he/she needs. I promise you... this is the best recipe ever and your baby will absolutely love it!!

I am gonna leave you with a quote from Dr. Denmark..."Who in the world knows what's best for my baby? You do! If mothers would just use their brains and take responsibility, they would know what to do for their children."


Pink Nothings said...

seriously Little Man loves this stuff!


thank you SO MUCH what a co-winky-dink that my daughter won't eat squat and now you're posting this wonderful recipe - we're trying it in the morning! thanks!


whoops = i have another blog in progress and accidentally posted my comment under that name!

Anonymous said...

My oldest son says that the only reason he eats greenbeans now is because I made him eat them when he was little. Taste buds develop over time. It's almost like a stage. I've started making soups and pureeing the vegetables just so the boys don't know and will gobble it down. It works,no matter the age!

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