Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maybe I haven't been completely honest...

Halloween is held up on a pedestal in our house. It's really the only time of year my husband asks "so when are the decorations coming out?" Also you must know I hear this not in October but in September! He just loves it. We have already started fighting over what little man will be this year. I love this outfit from Small Threads. You should go over and check it out!


This Mama Rocks said...

Halloween costumes are hard. This is our little girls first and part of me wants to dress her cute, but then I feel bad and think I should just put her in something comfy and warm because im sure it will be freezing here! There is a cute lady bug costume I was looking at on Amazon. I guess we will see! Goodluck... I think he would look cute in that.

BAS said...

I love the way you lovely americans have sooo much fun at halloween.

My experience in the UK used to be a couple of 16 year old thugs in halloween mask (no other costume) at the door saying the rhyme:

'Halloween is coming
and the goose is getting fat
so please put a penny in the old mans hat,
If you havent got a penny a ha'penny will do.
If you havent got a ha'penny then god bless you'

Then hands would be thrust in your face for money!

Over the years the 'trick or treat'ers have pushed the 'halloween is coming..' teenagers out of the way and come around instead.

Usually a bunch of adoreable little ones in costumes head to toe makeup and all. I keep a basket of mixed sweeties in a pumpkin by the door for them to dip into, but when a teenager shows up in just a mask they get an apple!

Its such fun!


Future Mama said...

How cute is this?! I can't wait until I have a little kiddo to dress up. That is a cute costume idea, I'm sure I'll be arguing over what to dress our little one up in too! LOVE your new look BTW!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Halloween -even though my baby girl is only 11 months, this will be her second Halloween. We've already got her lady bug costume all picked out :)

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