Monday, August 17, 2009

How'd that spring get there?

This past Saturday my dear Stella (that's my cars name) got hit by a drunk driver.
This idiot (the drunk driver) hits my PARKED CAR. Gets out of his car, looks ONLY at his, gets back in and drives off.
These two angels (cute couple in the car behind him that witnessed the whole thing) got his license plate number and called the police immediately. The idiot was picked up within minutes and taken to jail for the night. I thought I would share with y'all these sad photos. Luckily I was not in it. But my poor car that I fell in love with at first sight is left broken.

On the ground you can see two white marks, that's where he pushed my car 5-6 feet from it's original parking spot.

Seriously? How does something like this happen?

Because of how far my car was pushed, he managed to put my car right in front of someones driveway, well I only took up a few feet. But just in case....

I left a note.

Here I am wishing Stella off. She was sad to leave my side.

I only hope that anyone that reads this can take note to what drinking can do to someone. We are lucky that no one was hurt. I had just parked my car there 20 minutes before it got hit. What if I had arrived 20 minutes later and started walking across the street when the drunk driver was driving by? I am very lucky to be alive. I only ask that if you choose to drink, be smart about it and maybe put a stop to it.


Amy Tarleton said...

i love the note you left for the neighbor :)

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