Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Sleep.

My time has finally come to tell all my readers......my baby is sleeping through the night! Yes you read it right. Here is how we got him to do it.
So I tried the CIO method and it was just not for me. I was a big pushover and would pick him up. I had fallen into the nurse him to sleep category. Now that he is one I wanted to stop doing that. We used to be really good at doing a bedtime routine, but since moving in with my parents we have not been so good at sticking to it. Last week we got back on board with routines and I stopped nursing him to sleep and dad took over putting him to bed. IT WORKED!!! My husband only had to get up with him for 3 nights and when he did, he would not pick him up. Now he sleeps through the night and so do I!! So I would say routine and dad saved us. Now I only have to wean him off of one more nursing and I am done....for now that is.


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Theta Mom said...

Sleeping through the night..YAY!!! Enjoy every moment of uninterrupted sleep bliss!
New to your blog and I'm following! My google friend link isn't linked so you can find me at http://www.thetamom.com

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