Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spin the wheel.

Maybe this time I will land on the house I should buy.
I am a first time home buyer. I know, I know this is the best time to buy. However, it just doesn't feel that way. For those who believe that you can get a great house for cheap you are underestimating the housing market. You can get a cheap house for nothing. If it's great and I mean move in ready, it goes before you have pulled out the driveway after looking at it. Yesterday I found the one. The one I want to move in today! The only problem is my sweet husband hates the backyard. (Way too many trees with huge roots all over the place) This is a problem because we have many projects for our backyard. Projects like our very own garden and a haven for our children to play in. We have not thrown this house out yet and I hope we don't, but then if we did get it am I making my hubby settle on his dream backyard?
Until the next post about my search for a house you will be able to find me Mon- Sun at my lovely parents house....yes you read that right. I am living with my parents right now.


Stacy said...

Keep in mind that your first house doesn't have to be your dream house! You can always move in a few years.

Pink Nothings said...

i know i know. it's just soo hard!

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