Monday, July 6, 2009

Mommy advice that worked!

I know since being a mother I have been given soo much advice from others. Most I don't really care to hear, but have any of you been given advice form another mother and knew they just saved your life for giving you a glimpse into their life? Well that is what happened to me a while back. My good friend Hannah doesn't even know how much I needed this advice. I had a colic baby. Yes poor me!
When do you think was his prime time for him to cry non stop? Dinner time. It was driving me crazy, I never could seem to get dinner on the table until my husband came home and took the crying baby. This all changed when my friend told me what she does. No she didn't have the magic cure for colic, but she did have the magic cure to saving my sanity.
She prepares as much of the dinner meal during the day, like cook the chicken, dice the veggies and so on. She would put it in the fridge until around dinner time and then she would pop it into the oven.
I love this advice. I follow it almost every day, especially during nap time when I know it will take me no time at all because I don't have a baby at my feet slowing me down.
Even though the colic is gone, he still get fussy around dinner time so this still helps me out.
Thanks again Hannah. You know who you are and I think you rock!
Do you have motherhood advice that saved you in a time of need? Leave a comment and let us know.
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