Friday, July 31, 2009

I am a home owner!!

Yes! My husband and I put a offer on this sweet gal back when we first started looking for houses 3 months ago. We never heard a thing from them. Then it went to foreclose. We were bummed. It just came back on the market 5 days ago and our offer was excepted 2 days ago!! We are so thrilled with it. I have millions of ideas running through my head about how to decorate, how my play room should look and what murals I might paint. I can pretty much guarantee you will start hearing more about the corners of my home when we move in there in September. We even got the backyard my husband wanted!


casey aubut said...

OMG! That house is gorgeous! Where is that? We dont have houses that look like that in AZ- i love it!

Kimberly Kihega said...

Congrats! I love your home. It's just gorgeous!

Theta Mom said...

What fantastic news! The home is beautiful! Lots of luck and happiness... The good news keeps rolling your way becasue I've given you an award. :) Come by to collect.

natalee said...

Im a new follower.. i have to say ..CONGRATS!!! how wonderful for you.. i will definitly be back...natalee

theconners4 said...

I just love your blog and am now a follower! Come check out mine and please follow me! It would mean so much!


rmgales said...

Beautiful home. Congratulations! You've got a new follower, hope you will stop by Mother-2-Mother,

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